About Us

The ‘Saver family has grown over the years and has reached the point where putting everything together from our three websites and webstores for one stop shopping, information and the sharing of best practices is not only practical for us, but beneficial for our customers who typically make use of all of our brands for their patients and family members. You will notice that our blogs have also amalgamated but our complete blog history is available should you need to refer back to any information.

Formed in 1998, the company that distributes HipSaver and DermaSaver exclusively in Canada and distributes HeadSaver in North America is a privately held corporation based in Ontario, Canada. We don’t manufacture or retrofit anything at our location. HipSaver and DermaSaver products are manufactured in a dedicated plant near Boston, MA while HeadSaver comes to us from the Australian HipSaver/DermaSaver distributor, HealthSaver. We definitely keep it in the family! For the record the distributors have remained the same from the beginning, each distributor is an independent business and as such sets their own pricing and practices, we all work together sharing information, best practices and referring customers as needed for everyone’s good, we are all animal lovers and email back and forth about our beloved pets regularly and we are all pretty blessed to have some of the best staffers ever working directly with our customers.

Early on our model was distribution directly to end users or their caregivers rather than filtering everything through retail chains. This accomplishes several things:

  • It allows health care professionals to access us directly in order to get whatever information they need to prescribe precisely the model, size and options best suited to individual patient needs
  • For family members who order directly from us following consultation with their health care team, having the prescription in hand and being able to call us directly eliminates confusion in store aisles
  • We are able to give the best price possible to our customers because we have not purposefully created ‘middle men’ who need to ensure certain profit levels

We welcome all of our long time and new customers to our amalgamated website and webstore. At any time if you should have a question please call our toll free number ( 1-888-771-0977 ) or email us ( sales at hipsaver.ca ) and we will be pleased to answer your questions and give you information to help you make decisions.


Karen L Brown, President
HipSaver Canada
DermaSaver Canada
HeadSaver Canada