Amputee Stump Cover

Wound care professionals have told us that amputees frequently damage their stumps enough over the course of time that surgery to remove an additional inch or so of the stump is necessary. The problem is that this becomes a cycle of surgery, healing, bumping and more bumping and then back into surgery. DermaSaver has developed an Amputee Stump Cover designed to protect the amputation site. The MicroSpring Textile is topped with stretch fabric to keep the Stump Cover in place. One of our clients, a woman with an amputation of the arm just below the elbow, was so happy to have the Amputee Stump Cover. She was finding that her stump was constantly banging into door frames and the arms of chairs in addition to coming into contact with people she passes in the halls of the facility she lives in. Now the amputation site is protected. Score!

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