Area Flat Pad Questions


We’ve had a lot of questions lately about the Area Flat Pads. Some people remember when we had a mattress topper (35 x 78) which has now been discontinued – it was a bit too much to wrangle in laundry. In addition, the topper covered the entire bed with the MicroSpring Textile which isn’t necessary. Where you need this wonderful cushy fabric is underneath the body parts that are suffering from pressure or subject to tears. The Area Flat Pad (35 x 24) is the product of choice for a lot of reasons: it’s large enough to provide good coverage for bedridden people, it can be utilized in bed or on a chair equally well, it’s portable enough to be used in a car when the resident leaves the facility for a visit and last but not least, the size is easy to handle in the washer and dryer.

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