Bandaging = Dinosaurs


Whenever I do a DermaSaver inservice the most difficult thing for people to wrap their heads around is that this product takes the place of bandaging. I can see the quizzical expression on your face from behind my keyboard! I know you were taught that when dressing a wound you put the ointment on and then cover it with a variety of bandaging materials. Lots of people want to put the DermaSaver tube on top of the bandaging. Skip the bandaging and you’ll have it right.

Think of it this way: long, long ago your car’s steering wheel used to steer the car … period. These days a steering wheel not only steers the car, it also contains the horn, controls the radio, CD and MP3 player and holds the air bag that will protect you in the event of a crash. DermaSaver is kind of like that. The MicroSpring Textile, containing up to 20,000 microfilaments per square inch, is like the re-invented steering wheel of the bandage world – it breathes, it reduces friction and sheer, it has antimicrobial properties, doesn’t stick to wounds, won’t trap moisture and it is totally launderable. No need to use anything other than DermaSaver.

I see the light bulbs going off – a product that has a therapeutic effect on existing wounds, a preventative effect for potential areas of concern, can be used with ointments and creams and is totally launderable and therefore patient transferable. Wound care and budget savings!

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