BIG changes!

We are so thrilled to announce two major upgrades to our website. The first is that the major components of the site are now available in both English and French. All of the downloadable forms have been translated and are accessible along with our shopping cart and, of course, the information on the individual models is available in French.

Secondly, we have made available video in services so that anyone, anywhere, at any time of the day or night can get information via video on our HipSaver models. This will be a great resource for front line health care workers looking to choose the right HipSaver for their patients and residents. It will also be most helpful to pass on to family members who are responsible for purchasing HipSavers for their elderly loved ones.

Our teams have been working on these two upgrades for quite some time and while there was no expectation that they would be made available together, that’s the way it happened so we’re just going to amp up our celebration!

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