But How Does It Work … Really?

DermaSaver products use MicroSpring textile which has 4,000 microfilaments per square inch. If you looked at a cross section of the textile, you would see something that looks like the picture above. The top and the bottom of the fabric are connected by 400 microfilaments per square inch. They act as miniature springs, reducing pressure, shear and friction. The space between the filaments allows for breathability making DermaSaver products a perfect replacement for hot, sweaty foams and neoprene. The compression resistive force of DermaSaver very closely matches that of soft tissue making DermaSaver like a soft protective extra skin layer. That’s how it works … really. To see evidence of how truly remarkable the DermaSaver MicroSpring textile is, check out the case studies on our website by following this link: https://https//www.dermasaver.ca/articles.php?tPath=21

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