Canada Post Potential Strike

According to the news, there is increasing potential for Canada Post to strike as early as July 2nd. This won’t affect our ability to get your needed products to you as we ship primarily via UPS.

For those few shipments in outlying areas where Canada Post has been a more cost efficient shipment method, we’ll be able to give you the UPS shipping cost prior to finalizing the shipment.

Our payment options allow for our customers to pay via VISA or MasterCard as well as e-transfer. Our policies around payment will remain in place, that is that our corporate customers in good standing will have 30 days to settle their accounts while those who are paying individually will need to make payment prior to shipment.

The majority of our corporate customers have long instituted EFT payments so for those who have been thinking about it, now is a good time to fax or email us the forms and get the setup completed.

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