Call Answer

Bell Canada has advised us that our call answer or message function will not be available from roughly 10PM on April 19th through to 7AM on April 20th. Customers calling in during that period of time will simply hear continuous ringing with no answer. We apologize to our valued customers for any inconvenience this causes … Continue reading

Entrepreneur of the Year

With great pleasure, Karen Brown, President of HipSaver/DermaSaver/HeadSaver Canada, has accepted the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the South Huron Chamber of Commerce. The award, a light box with an image of a local park bridge, was presented by Karen’s nominator, Anne Langendyk, Manager of the Bank of Montreal. In her acceptance speech Karen … Continue reading

Cost of a pressure ulcer

According to an article penned by Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation CEO Kent Bassett-Spiers, the cost to the Canadian health care system of one pressure ulcer is anywhere from $15,000 to $72,000. This doesn’t take into account the cost to the patient which is measured in pain, suffering, embarrassment and frustration. Prevention takes comparatively little time … … Continue reading

Did you know …

Given the state of the economy today, people are becoming increasingly aware of how and where the products they use every day are manufactured. Of course everyone is aware that there are cost efficiencies to manufacturing ‘off shore.’ Often products are made in huge plants that produce several items requiring the same technologies? For instance … Continue reading

Yucky weather

With the winter weather set to finally arrive and perhaps settle in until spring – which is only 9 1/2 weeks away (yes I’m counting) – those of us at HipSaver Canada want to make sure that everyone stays safe when you’re outside walking. Icy sidewalks have already claimed lots of fingers, wrists, elbows and … Continue reading