Regular users of will notice that the Oxygen/Feeding Tube Covers have disappeared and been replaced by DermaPatch. Here’s the story: We were being told by our customers that there were issues with the velcro coming away from the MicroSpring Textile. Not often, but enough that it caused concern at the plant where they had been hearing the same thing from customers in the U.S. As always, the quality control at the HipSaver/DermaSaver plant jumped all over the issue and the decision was made that they didn’t want a product on the market that was good more often than not. They wanted as close to perfection as possible all of the time. After a lot of work and research followed by trial and error, the DermaPatch was born. This product has the potential to be all that the Oxygen/Feeding Tube Covers were intended to be and more. Why? Because it can be used to keep tubes away from delicate skin but it can also go between toes, under skin folds, behind glasses, on corns in your shoes and a ton of other uses that you’ll tell us about long before we figure it out because you’re the expert who looks at patients with problems every day. Next time you place a DermaSaver order ask for your free sample. Don’t be shy about letting us know how you use it, what you like and what you don’t. If enough of you find it useful it’ll find a permanent place in the DermaSaver family of products.

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