DermaSaver Patent Awarded

CANTON, MA, Dec 06, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — The United States Patent Office has awarded a patent to Ed Goodwin, president of HipSaver Inc., for its line of DermaSaver(R) skin protectors. The DermaSaver products are called “tubes” and provide a loose fitting protective layer of resilient three dimensional fabric to protect the skin on the arms and legs off the frail elderly. Traditional products available on the market fit tightly and are made of flat fabric that offers no pressure or shock protection. In awarding the patent, the patent office notes that no three dimensional fabric skin protectors were available prior to the DermaSaver tubes. The issued patent can be seen at and searching for patent # 8,070,705.
Older persons have fragile skin which is often made more fragile by medications such as blood thinners and steroids. Slight friction or bumping can cause “skin tears” where the top layer of skin is torn away. Skin tears frequently occur when a care giver is assisting an elderly person in transferring from a bed to a chair. Skin tears require nursing care with ointments and bandages and, on occasion, dreaded trips to a wound care clinic. The resilient DermaSaver tubes mitigate against these assaults to the skin by absorbing the bumps and friction into the base three dimensional fabric. The wash and wear DermaSaver tubes work as both prevention and as a curative for existing wounds. Skin tears occur mainly in older people covered by Medicare so the DermaSaver tubes, costing an average of $22 each, are an economical way to prevent suffering and save tax-payer Medicare dollars.
“It’s really neat to create manufacturing jobs in the USA, improve the health of older people, and save taxpayer money with this novel, but simple product,” states inventor Ed Goodwin. “Doctors and nurses have rapidly adopted the DermaSaver tubes as the preferred product for their skin care plans.”
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