DermaSavers and the Laundry

DermaSavers are as easy to care for as any of the products we sell … throw them in the washer and then throw them in the dryer. They can be washed in accordance with CDC standards which means your infection control procedures can be observed.

There are two specific issues we want to point out for you:

  • Bleach can be used on DermaSavers, however because of the Lycra content use bleach in as low a quantity as possible and use it as infrequently as possible
  • DermaSavers that make use of medical grade adhesive such as DermaPatch, DermaStrip and the Oxygen/Feeding Tube Covers cannot be laundered without destroying the bonding properties of the adhesive. If you launder these types of items and discover that the adhesive no longer functions you have a couple of choices … you can get a new unit (all the products named come in multi-packs) or you can continue to use the laundered product with medical tape.

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