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Given the state of the economy today, people are becoming increasingly aware of how and where the products they use every day are manufactured. Of course everyone is aware that there are cost efficiencies to manufacturing ‘off shore.’ Often products are made in huge plants that produce several items requiring the same technologies? For instance a plant that produces underwear might also produce shorts, ski pants, bathing suits and sweats. They all require sewers and sewing machines, they all fit the same part of the body and have similar cuts and modern efficiencies can see them shipped all over the world from any location that might be convenient for the plant to find optimal production facilities and employees.

HipSaver/DermaSaver has taken a different view on manufacturing. Our plant manufactures only HipSaver Hip Protectors and DermaSaver products. Furthermore, they manufacture them from start to finish in one plant just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. There’s none of this cut them in one place, sew them in another and finish them someplace else. More importantly, nothing is done off shore.

What does that mean for our customers? Easy – in a plant dedicated to nothing other than these two product lines, quality control is built into the manufacturing process from start to finish.

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