Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments Now Accepted

We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers another payment option for purchases from HipSaver Canada, DermaSaver Canada and HeadSaver Canada. We have negotiated the ability for Electronic Funds Transfers to be offered at the following financial institutions:

Bank of Montreal (BMO) beginning July 31, 2012
CIBC beginning September 8, 2012
Credit Union beginning August 15, 2012
Canadian Western Bank beginning August 15, 2012

We’re told that because of the nature of Credit Unions some locations may need to be asked by their members to add HipSaver Canada, but rest assured, we’re available to be added.

Other financial institutions may join us as we move forward so keep your eye on the blog for those announcements.

Customers will now be able to use EFT from their own financial institutions either in person or from the comfort of their home via Internet banking. It’s the same process you may have used to pay your utility bills only now you look for “HipSaver Canada” as the payee. You just need a customer number which we will be assigning as our existing and new customers indicate their desire to use EFT payments.

For those who have previously paid by cheque and had to wait for their payment to be cleared plus the time for the mail to take things back and forth, this will reduce the waiting time drastically. We receive your payment instantly and are, therefore, able to ship promptly.

Customers who don’t use one of the listed financial institutions are able to take their invoice or quote to a participating financial institution and pay at the counter for a small one time fee. We’re told that may be something like $1.50.

We’re very excited to offer this new payment method! Our thanks to our home bank, BMO, for approaching us with this opportunity and, as always, to our loyal customers who have grown us to the point where we are able to access more efficient processes every day.

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