HipSaver Colours


Calling all blog readers!

I had a call from a frustrated rehab professional this morning regarding HipSavers that go missing on a fairly regular basis because they get mixed up with bedsheets and then go to the laundry never to return. She expressed a desire to have us make HipSavers in black so that they would be easily distinguished from the linens.

Frankly, I hear from frustrated customers regularly about HipSavers but also about pants, shirts, socks and all kinds of other articles of clothing that go missing. On the one hand, facilities need to handle huge volumes of clothing and linens on a daily basis so it’s understandable that the odd thing would end up in the wrong place. On the other hand, families reasonably expect that their loved one’s clothing will be laundered and returned to the rightful owner every time.

It’s a difficult problem largely because it is not something that ever happens intentionally. While I have expressed this professional’s issues to the manufacturer, I’m not certain that changing the colour will actually solve the problem. I’d like to invite our blog reader’s to weigh in and let us know how this issue is handled in your facility. Maybe together we can help my caller’s facility respond to this issue so that a reasonable outcome is achieved.

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