HipSaver Interim

HipSaver Ltd, the manufacturer of HipSaver Hip Protectors, has advised us that effective immediately, HipSaver Interim will be made out of the same material that HipSaver SoftSweats are made from. The default colour will be Gray.

The material used for SoftSweats has been a proven winner for years in institutional laundry and maintains its shape nicely over repeated wears. We’ve long been aware that many people use SoftSweats as pyjama bottoms as well as for day wear, so we’re confident that this switch will not cause any issues.

We do know that colour is an important issue for many and while the switch to Gray won’t matter to many, there are some customers who would prefer access to Navy Interims. We have requested that HipSaver Interim be available in Navy on a special order basis. Please remember that special orders cannot be exchanged or refunded once the order is placed as the order will be manufactured specifically for you.

We currently have limited supply of HipSaver Interim in the Navy fuzzy material that we’ve stocked for years however once the stock is gone in a given size, Gray will be shipped to fulfill orders.

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