Inservice at Parkwood


I do a lot of inservices in any given year and the most recent one took place at Parkwood Hospital in London. What a great group of people! Like every enthusiastic group I visit, their heads are crammed with details of specific patients and they are anxious to make choices that are appropriate, so they had lots of great questions. Now that I have the newest Blackberry with a built-in camera that takes really decent pictures, I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Leanne while she was trying on the Nursing Home model. Very seldom do I do an inservice where somebody doesn’t try one or the other model on and then whack their hips into a door jam to see what it feels like! Leanne was no different. Unbeknownst to us, she also slipped out and put on a SlimFit model under her scrubs. Nobody knew it until she told us which just goes to show you that when we say SlimFit is discreet, we mean it! I had a great time … thanks 5th Floor!

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