Intergenerational approach to falls

Have you ever had your children or grandchildren remind you to put your seat belt on or turn the tap off to save water? Once they get an idea in their heads they will tell you over and over and over again. That’s the idea behind Safety Superheroes, the latest project from Dr. Fabio Feldman, Manager of Seniors Falls and Injury Prevention at Fraser Health Region. Dr. Feldman has produced a book aimed at elementary aged children and an accompanying website which can be accessed by following this link.

Children are taught to clean up after themselves in order to prevent falls but also to point out safety concerns in their grandparent’s homes. Who could resist a grade 2 child begging their grandparent to remove mats with curled up edges, move frequently used items to lower shelves or tuck lamp cords away?

Order a copy of the book for your child’s school library and a second copy for bedtime reading.

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