Introducing DermaPatch

The answer is: It goes behind the ears, separates toes or fingers from one another, cushions eyeglasses, can be used on abdominal folds and a zillion other applications – most of which you’ll tell us about. The question is, “What does DermaSaver DermaPatch do?”

DermaPatch is a long strip of one layer of DermaSaver material roughly 3.5cm wide with a skin-friendly silicone gel adhesive backing. The strip can be cut to whatever size suits your application. Think of it as a Post-It note that stays where you put it for days and can be removed and reapplied a few times. We think this product will replace the Oxygen Feeding Tube Covers because it does what they do and so much more. It’s so new that we don’t even have pricing yet but watch the website and when it’s available we’ll get it up there. In the meantime ask us and we’ll gladly send you a sample with your next DermaSaver order.

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