It’s All About the Knees

You may think this is a great time of year to talk about knee padding. All of those weeds that grow in my garden don’t have the courtesy to grow high enough to let me pull them from a standing position so I have to kneel. Ouch! Well, the knee padding in our HipSaver SoftSweats would solve my problem but what they really come in handy for is absorbing some of the shock when a senior falls on their knees. We know how hard it is to actually observe a person falling, but anecdotal accounts have shown us that sometimes people can feel that they are going to fall so they grab a wall or chair and manage to ‘direct’ their fall to some extent. Often that means they land on their bottom or their knees. Without any padding to provide a bit of a softer landing these falls can still do damage. HipSaver SoftSweats are available with optional knee padding and/or tailbone padding.

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