Joint Venture Conference

Having just arrived back from the Joint Venture Conference 2 I thought I’d share some photos and a really cute video with you. First, let me tell those of you who don’t know that the Joint Venture is a project of the Fraser Health Unit and is all about falls and injury prevention. A group of facilities came together in January to discuss strategies for falls and injury prevention and gathered again in Langley, BC to display posters of their strategies and share successes, listen to speakers on the topics of least restraint and future research as well as receive their hip protector kits.

Dr. Fabio Feldman, Manager, Seniors Fall & Injury Prevention with the hip protector kits

The hip protector kits are the result of a partnership with FHA, HipSaver Canada and Safe Hip. Each kit holds 32 units of hip protectors representing 9 models from the two supported brands of hip protectors, measuring tapes, a binder of instructions and reorder information. It had been determined that it was taking too long for those at risk in residential care to get their hip protectors due to the myriad of other things that need to happen to get a new resident settled. At the same time, studies had shown that new residents are at an increased risk of falling due to being in unfamiliar surroundings with new routines.

Conference attendees pick up their kits

Part of the conference was poster presentations prepared by the various residential care facilites to demonstrate their falls and injury prevention strategies. The team from Birquitlam Lions Facility had a unique dance in addition to their poster … enjoy!

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