Multipurpose – Ya Gotta Love It!

There are a few pieces in the DermaSaver line that can do double duty, but none so multipurpose as the 35 x 24 Area Flat Pad. This heavenly piece has five layers of MicroSpring Textile in it – do the math … that’s 20,000 microfilaments per square inch to reduce pressure. So why multipurpose? It can be used on a bed, chair seat, chair back, church bench, car seat, picnic table, floor, arm rest, pillow, foot stool … just about any place you can think of to rest a part of the body, this flat pad can be put between human skin and the hard surface. The size is good for laundering, storage and carting about as well. When all is said and done, the 35 x 24 Area Flat Pad is quite the workhorse!

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