New DermaSaver Products

Have we got news for you! Two brand new products have been added to the DermaSaver line and they’re fantastic.

First, the DermaBoot Total Foot Protector is replacing the StayPut Plus Heel Protector. You’re going to love this boot which allows walking on the non-slip bottom but even better – it covers the entire foot affording five layers of MicroSpring Textile protection to the heel and ankle areas which are always so vulnerable. The other areas of the foot are protected with two layers of DermaSaver’s MicroSpring Textile.

Note that while the StayPut PLUS Heel Protector is being phased out, the original StayPut Heel Protector will remain available.

Second, the Slip-On Heel Protector is now available. Our heel protectors have always been ever so popular as protection for that vulnerable area is crucial. This new Slip-On Heel Protector boasts five layers of MicroSpring Textile protecting not only the heel but the ankles as well. Like the DermaBoot, it has a non-slip bottom while allowing the toes to remain open to the fresh air.

Take your pick – complete foot coverage with the DermaBoot or the open toe design with heel and ankle protection with the Slip-On.

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