New SoftSweat Colour – Black

Pre-orders are now being taken on HipSaver SoftSweats in the newest colour being added to the family. Black SoftSweats have been requested by everyone as far back as we can remember and finally they are being made available.

Green SoftSweats are being discontinued to make way for Black so when we won’t be ordering anymore and as soon as we sell through our stock that will be that. If you’re a Green fan, get those orders in!

We anticipate that we will have our Black SoftSweat stock ready to ship to our customers mid-April.

2 thoughts on “New SoftSweat Colour – Black

  1. Just wanted to know how long these hip protectors should last? Purchased 2 pairs 10 months ago and I got a call today saying they need to be replaced. Is 10 months the average for these. At the price I paid for them I expected them to last longer than 10 months.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We know from testing done on the underwear models that has been done that 3 to 4 pair worn and washed in rotation will last 16 – 18 months, which is longer than my own underwear lasts in my home laundry. So much depends on how they are worn and how often they are washed. An individual with 2 pair would certainly have them washed more frequently. I’m not finding an invoice in our database under your name so the best thing would be for you to call our office so that we can get more detail from you. 1-888-771-0977

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