Nursing Home vs. QuickChange

Now that everyone is back at work after summer vacations we’re getting a lot of requests to refresh memories about the difference between our Nursing Home and QuickChange models, so here’s the skinny:


Nursing Home is a great choice for people who are able to dress and toilet independently or with minimal assistance while QuickChange is the preferred choice for residents who are dependent on staff to change their incontinence brief.

Both models are cut to accommodate an incontinence brief. While the crotch of the Nursing Home is sewn in front and back, the crotch of the QuickChange is sewn in the back but attaches with snaps to the front of the garment. This feature allows staff to change incontinence briefs without removing the HipSaver or making it a fall hazard by having to push it down to knees or ankles to get it out of the way. Simply undo the snaps and lift the HipSaver up on the body, change the brief then pull the HipSaver back down into place and snap the crotch back up.

Both have the same hip pad and share the same level of protection. In fact all of our models use the same biomechanically tested and clinically studied hip pad so no worries there. As we have long known, HipSavers have to serve a lot of masters which is why being the most comfortable hip protector available is not enough. They need to make the job of busy nursing staff easy and satisfy the requirements of laundry staff and infection control procedures as well. Preventing hip fractures isn’t enough … but HipSavers do that better, too!

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