Price Increase and Refreshed Website

For the first time in five years we are biting the bullet and raising the price on HipSaver Hip Protectors. We all know that utilities, wages and rent have increased but the real driver is the US dollar. Five years ago the dollar was close to par (1.03) but over the past five years it has steadily increased. In fact, this past year has seen the dollar as high as 1.48. We’ve absorbed all of the increases over the past five years but the time has come. October 1st will be the day our prices change.

Don’t forget that we are the only hip protector company with permission from CRA to zero rate HipSavers for HST/GST with a prescription from an OT, PT, RN or physician. Saving the tax will take a big chunk out of the increase for you.

Change is the operative word for this post. October 1st will also see our and sites merge with Don’t worry – you can continue to use the and urls forever but they will lead you to Brown Healthcare. Our email addresses will stay in place as well.

We were finding that some of our HipSaver customers didn’t know that we are the same people who supply them their DermaSaver products and vice versa. More importantly, our customers will be able to order HipSaver Hip Protectors, DermaSaver Skin Protection, HeadSaver Head Protectors along with ADL’s, Empathy Cards and adaptive clothing all with one shopping cart and one payment process. We can’t wait to offer our customers this new, improved and dramatically easier website!


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