QuickChange for Continent Community Dwellers … Not


Our office gets calls on a regular basis from community dwellers who have been told that they are at risk for a hip fracture and should purchase HipSavers however the caller doesn’t know which model is best for their circumstances. Frequently enough, the caller has visited our website and has decided that the QuickChange model would be perfectly suited to their needs. “When I go to the bathroom, all I need to do is undo the crotch snaps! I don’t have to pull the whole thing down so that’s easy … right?” Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The QuickChange was developed to be worn by people who wear a full incontinence brief and are dependent on staff to change the brief. While we love hearing stories about how inventive people can be in finding solutions for challenges, I’m afraid this is one ‘solution’ that tends to end badly. The crotch that unsnaps is for the convenience of nursing staff so that when they change the incontinence brief, they need only undo the crotch, lift the HipSaver QuickChange up on the body, change the incontinence brief, pull the HipSaver back down and do up the crotch. Easy for them … not so easy for a community dweller who is continent but prone to falls. That person would undo the crotch and sit on the toilet – but where is the crotch? In all probability, hanging down in the toilet behind them getting wet. Even if it isn’t, the issues with range of motion as he or she bends and stretches in attempting to first capture and then refasten the crotch may very well see this person on the floor. A better choice for a continent community dweller who doesn’t want to pull underwear on and off when toileting is the HipSaver Open Bottom which is pictured above. Check it out by following this link: https://www.hipsaver.ca/product_info.php?cPath=112&products_id=402&osCsid=ed6940d61b4b829cc12b76506c8133ba

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