SoftSweat Drawstring

HipSaver Hip Protectors has taken the decision to add a drawstring at the waist of HipSaver SoftSweats. This feature has been on and off the discussion table for a number of years but it will be included in SoftSweat shipments we receive from now on. Our customers have already begun seeing the drawstring and more of you will see it depending on the flow through of stock from both the plant and our inventory.

The drawstring is inside the waistband and securely stitched in place above the hip pads. It offers users the opportunity to snug the SoftSweats up for a better fit. We often have customers whose waist to hip ratio means the waist is a bit larger than they would like so for them, the ability to snug it up is welcome.

On the other hand, we’ve had one valued customer concerned about a resident with Alzheimer’s disease having one more thing to fiddle with so for that resident, not having the drawstring might be a better choice. For those who prefer not having the drawstring, it’s easy to pull back the material that surrounds the drawstring and snip it off on either side.

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