Sports Injuries

We get a surprising number of calls every year from people who are not seniors at risk. They are athletes at risk. While not professionals, these folks enjoy participating in various athletic endeavors in their spare time. That these ‘fun’ activities often leave them broken and bloody is another discussion altogether! We’ve had calls from beach volleyball players, roller derby teams, ice skaters, snowboarders who have had their first bad crash (because they’re way to cool to consider wearing anything before that), bicycle riders who can’t find that comfy seat, downhill and cross-country skiers, bladers … the list goes on and on. Regardless of the sport, the primary concern of younger athletes is protecting their tailbones while the older athletes are concerned about both their hips and tailbones. Although HipSaver SlimFit with Tailbone Padding was not invented for athletes, they’ve found us and word is spreading.

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