Stay-Put Heel Protector Snap


The odd time I get a comment from people telling me that when the snap on the Stay-Put Heel Protector is done up, the wearer is uncomfortable. This is an easy fix issue that just requires a bit of eduction for anyone who doesn’t see the package when it comes in. The snap is not intended to assist with fitting the heel protector to the patient’s foot – that’s the job of the Velcro. The snap on the heel protectors is called a LaunderGuard Snap. Before sending the heel protector to the laundry, fasten the snap and press the Velcro together. This prevents the Velcro from gathering threads or attaching itself to other fabrics throughout the laundry cycle. If you prefer that the LaunderGuard Snap not be on the heel protector, it’s quite simple to snip off both sides with a pair of scissors.

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