Tailbone Padding

“What does it feel like?” is the number one question I am asked about tailbone padding. Having worn it myself for a couple of days I can tell you that it felt different for a bit and then I forgot about it. It felt different because we aren’t used to sitting on something. I forgot about it because it’s soft. It’s the same material and technology used in HipSaver hip pads and we already know that compliance is upwards of 80% with those – to a large extent because they’re comfortable whether the wearer is awake or asleep. Tailbone padding is a great option to consider for people who tend to fall backward such as Parkinson’s patients or those who are able to control their falls such that they land on their bottom. I know from personal experience how painful a fall on one’s tailbone can be not to mention how long it takes to heal. Tailbone padding is available on SlimFit, Nursing Home, QuickChange, Wrap&Snap, SoftSweats and SoftSweat Shorts.

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