“Time to put your girdle on, Annie”

Front line staff in long term care are very cleaver when it comes to getting residents to do things that the residents aren’t so sure they want to do. One of the tricks I’ve been told about over and over and over has to do with convincing ladies who are challenged with dementia that they need to wear their HipSavers. Staff simply tell them that they need to put their girdle on! Every lady of a certain age – ahem – remembers the day when a proper lady wouldn’t be caught dead without her girdle. Even though HipSavers are not girdles … or even girdle-like … that simple association with a memory of days gone by seems to work nearly every time. I can’t help but wonder what kind of association will work for freedom-loving baby boomer women who burned bras and wouldn’t consider a girdle until it was called Spanx!

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