Top 10 Reasons to Wear HipSavers


  1. HipSavers wash and dry like rags – can you say “easy?”
  2. HipSavers are biomechanically tested and clinically studied
  3. Hip fractures aren’t sexy
  4. 80% compliance is unheard of in the world of hip protection, but on average HipSavers have achieved it 3 times!
  5. HipSavers are comfortable plus SoftSweats and Interim are stylin’
  6. 80% reduction in hip fractures (JAMDA, June 2008)
  7. HipSaver designs encourage compliance from everyone – end user, caregivers, laundry staff and the financially responsible person. Lots of masters, eh?
  8. 9 styles … 6 sizes … 4 options
  9. HipSavers support least restraint, risk mitigation and infection control policies
  10. The butterfly logo is very cool – have you noticed the Canadian flag in the wings?

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