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It’s been a while … apologies, however we’ve been busy in the land of HipSaver and DermaSaver. We’re almost ready to launch our French language HipSaver site and we have one or two other goodies to share with you as spring marches on. It is spring, right?

I had the opportunity to participate in a conference hosted by the Saskatoon Falls Prevention Consortium last month. Congratulations to the organizers! It was terrific! The filled to capacity audience heard some great keynotes and participated in some really educational breakout sessions. I’ll be blogging about some of the interesting things I heard over the next few weeks.

The hot seller for DermaSaver these days are our Shin Tubes. When you think about it, the shins are a pretty ripe area for wounds. Not much skin or fat to offer protection from bumping into the furniture which may be difficult to see for some in the first place. Shin injuries seem to be common for those who spend large quantities of time in wheelchairs as well. Here’s a case study on a resident with shin injuries which was treated by using DermaSaver Shin Tubes.

What’s the hot seller at HipSaver these days? SoftSweats. They’ve been a growing part of our business over the past few years but it seems that recently it’s been hard to keep them on our shelves. They pretty much leave as soon as they come in. They are such a multi-purpose garment because they are appropriate for men or women, continent or incontinent populations, come in four colours and have the same optional tailbone padding as many other HipSaver models – plus optional knee padding. We hear that some people sleep in them, that men seem to be particularly fond of the SoftSweats because they’re so easy to use and wear, that staff love that one piece of clothing provides both hip protection and outerwear and that laundry loves how easy care they are. We make them available in a shorts version as well … let’s hope the weather warms up enough so that we can start thinking about that. As Charlie Sheen would say … winning!

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