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For 20 years we’ve been in the business of providing safety and independence to aging seniors. We’ve proudly been the exclusive Canadian distributor for HipSaver Hip Protectors, DermaSaver Skin Protection and HeadSaver Head Protectors. Because each is a brand name, it was difficult to have one brand available under the brand name of another and we were finding that, often, our HipSaver customers didn’t know we were also the distributor for DermaSaver and vice versa. We provided links and talked about all of them in our blog and social platforms but it’s not the same as having them all before you on one site. Additionally, our customers would have to maintain separate accounts, create separate orders and pay separate shipping.

We’ve fixed all that with the re-launch of Brown Healthcare. All of our brands are under one banner but you can still reach them by using the domain names that have become familiar and are, no doubt, bookmarked in your browser. We will continue to use hipsaver.ca, dermasaver.ca and headsaver.ca and point them toward brownhealthcare.com so you’ll end where you need to be no matter the name that you choose. Best of all, with one shopping cart you can order across all of the categories, pay one shipping charge and enter payment information only one time!

Brown Healthcare has renewed our relationship with Parsons ADL, our first partner when we started our original business 20 years ago. A Canadian manufacturer of aids to daily living and home healthcare products, Parsons has a wide range of products for our customers many of whom are aging in place and can benefit from products that can assist with maintaining dignity and independence. We have a lot of other goodies tucked inside our Aids to Daily Living category including Easy Daysies My Day, Circu products and seating solutions.

Silverts is a new addition to our partnerships. Providing adaptive clothing for seniors who are independent or require assistance, we have chosen to partner with Silverts because of their long-standing reputation for customer service in addition to the wide range of clothing they make available for women and men.

Our line of Empathy Cards has proven to be quite popular and there are more designs coming. We discovered that the options available at local card shops didn’t always manage to convey sentiments that were needed to express support for people who are dealing with some of the mysteries that life throws at us. A daughter who looks after an aging parent, a husband who wants to keep his wife at home despite her dementia or a family trying to cope with a loved one who just suffered a stroke and there are a billion decisions to make. Empathy Cards bridge that gap.

All of the features that you’re familiar with from our old sites are still with us and there have been some improvements. Our resources including downloadable order forms are still available. We’ve added new fillable order forms that are opened with Adobe Acrobat and allow the user to choose a paperless option by filling in the form right online and then emailing it to us or saving it to a local computer for charting. Of course, the fillable forms can be printed as well. When you’re done simply reset the form by clicking the reset button and you can start all over again. We’ve highlighted the essential fields so that you can’t move forward without filling in everything needed.

Our social media accounts are listed at the top of each page so be sure to follow them for quick tips and inspiration.

For those who previously created accounts with either HipSaver, DermaSaver or Brown Healthcare, your history is all still here. Our crack web team has been able to preserve all of your data and login information. There’s one exception: to avoid duplicate accounts, those of you who had an account with both HipSaver and DermaSaver will find that we’ve kept only your HipSaver login.

We hope you enjoy the new Brown Healthcare site. Take a few minutes and have a good look around. As we find new products that we feel will enhance safety and increase independence we’ll add them and let you know via this blog. As always, please feel free to reach out with your comments.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Brown Healthcare

  1. I accidentally ordered the medium arm protector twice. How do I cancel the order made today. Thank you Judy Collard. Order for my dad Norris Lovstad.

    • Hi Judy,
      No worries – I’ll ask the office to call you at the number you left in your profile and it will all be straightened out. If you wish, you can call our order desk at 1-888-771-0977.

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