When Is A Nursing Home Not Suitable For A Nursing Home?


Frequently our newer customers mistakenly assume that if a person lives in a nursing home, the correct HipSaver model for him or her to wear is the Nursing Home. Wrong … well, maybe. I won’t go through the old rhyme with you but let’s just say never assume. HipSaver offers nine different models, each addressing different challenges. The real issue of which HipSaver is best suited to any individual begins with issues surrounding continence first and independence second.

A person who is continent, independent in terms of dressing and toileting tasks and cognitively well might be found in the community or living in long term care. This person would likely be a good candidate for a SlimFit or perhaps an Open Bottom model. Both are cut to protect hips while at the same time providing a discreet fit.

Once an individual begins wearing a full incontinence brief some of the time or all of the time – regardless of whether they live in the community or in long term care – they are better suited to the Nursing Home model. Why? Good question. The Nursing Home model is cut to accommodate an incontinence brief. A more square cut with an open leg design, the Nursing Home model provides a greater level of comfort for those who wear a full incontinence brief.

We’ve developed a chart called “Which HipSaver Should We Choose” which gives a bit more detail about which models are best suited for a variety of challenges faced by both the end user and the caregiver. Follow this link and have a look: https://www.hipsaver.ca/article_info.php?articles_id=72&osCsid=0feb98ba5dd6aec0d54665242560d8b9. You can always call us at 1-888-771-0977 and we’d be happy to chat over the models best suited to your client.

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